Palandros: Brumby

The Story so Far
Because I just started writing it

Our group of misadventurers are in a dangerous position. They haven’t paid their bar tab! Over 50 gold in debt our group of misfits takes a dangerous job rescuing miners from a… well, mine. Their employer is a very very shady man. You can’t even see his face because of his hood shady. However this shady man has enough gold to pay off their tab and then some!

So our band of idiots lead by the brave brave Sir Robin, er I mean Sir Austin Powers, travel several days north to the Iron Mines. On the way they are ambushed by marauders when Dat Nigga, a drow, fails to spot the assailants in the night. Yes that’s right a drow couldn’t see people in the dark. Let’s move on.

They fend off the attackers but not before Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Charles are knocked unconscious. Not a good start for the group. Nevertheless they lick their wounds and march forward! When they reach the mine they spot several groups of miners, some Dwarven and some Human, babbling and muttering to themselves in unintelligible language.

Despite the obvious warning of what awaits them in the mine, they descend. Slowly they delve deeper and deeper into the earth, until they spot a group of goblins on a branch in the cave. The party bravely- some say stupidly- charges the group of poorly armed and poorly dressed greenmen. Sir Austin Powers slays several with his spear and Dat nigga incapacitates the rest with his magical missiles. Sir-Mix-A-Lot almost dies again. As they prepare to leave another group of goblins appear in which they swiftly vanquish.

Our dear misadventurers delve ever deeper into the mines to locate the last group of unaccounted for miners. The journey is long and arduous, and they must pass through ever tighter spaces and corridors, but eventually they reach them. A room almost spherical, and on the far side is a gemrock. It stands on a pedestal carved of the surrounding rock.

Sir Mix-A-Lot using all the mental faculties granted to him, decides to take the rock, the only thing in the room besides the babbling idiots in the corner.


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